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Action Sampler photography

Hurray! I've acquired the best camera in the world. It costs £25 and it takes four small pictures within one conventional photo. It's called an Action Sampler because within the space of one second it takes the four shots in sequence -- capturing a quarter of a second each. One second frozen in time.

I've only taken one film of 24 pictures on it so far, but here are my first efforts...

This is in the central square in Barcelona. The sequence begins in the top-left photo then goes anti-clockwise. See how the little fella gets onto his skateboard as the second goes by.


It's the Capitol Records tower in Hollywood. The camera pans down rather hastily (a second isn't very long, you know) to reveal the, er, fuzzy street scene below.

I'm on Santa Monica pier, where Madonna's gay friend goes in The Next Best Thing. You actually can see the second wandering by here, as I helpfully turned my head.

It's a Los Angeles freeway. See how the vehicles inch along the road. Sort of.


A fountain in Barcelona. The drops of water can be seen moving... if you have brilliant eyesight.

Back with the skaters... this is supposed to be recording the moment when the guy in the middle jumps down the steps. Well, you can see his arms move a bit, anyway.
More sampled seconds from people's lives may appear here soon.