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While preparing stuff for this site I come across all kinds of things which are rubbish. Some of them are produced by me and I am keeping quiet about them. Some other ones are listed here.

Books which are aimed at internet beginners, who won't know any better, and are no good. For example there is one aimed at students which claims to show the best websites for each subject area... but it just looks like the author has done a search on Yahoo! and put down any old thing. What a swizz. (See reviews of introductory books).

Books for internet beginners which get really basic things wrong -- like the address of Yahoo! It's only the best-known URL on the planet. (See introductory books again).

Websites put up by companies who want to have a website but haven't thought about putting anything of any use to anybody on it. And who forget to include contact details. And who add a 500k sound file saying "Welcome to our site".

Rubbish art at It's rubbish you'll love, on a great site, so maybe it shouldn't be listed here, but the art is rubbish -- clinically proven to be rubbish by experts -- so there.

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