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Who uses the internet? How many of them are women aged over sixty? How many are children? How many live in France? What sites do people visit most? The answers to these questions, and many more, can be found at the recommended sites below.

Nua Internet Surveys

Describing itself as "The world's number one source for internet trends", Nua Internet Surveys boasts a wealth of data on all aspects of the internet, divided up into topic categories. The business section includes studies on internet advertising, careers, entertainment, portals, and more. The social section includes stuff on censorship, privacy, online communities, etc. The demographics section has research on internet use by children, women, 'seniors', and so on. There is also a section of technical data, and you can view the surveys by world region.


Global Reach - Global internet statistics by language

Tells you numbers of people with internet access, divided up by language (native speakers). "We classify by languages instead of by countries, since people speaking the same language form their own online community no matter what country they happen to live in."


Domain Stats

Tells you the number of domains currently registered. Lists global domains (such as and, and domains by country (such as and


Fletcher Research

More surveys showing who is using the internet, and what they are doing. Mostly about the UK (including the 'UK Internet User Monitor') and Europe.


The Web's Top 50

Media Metrix provides a Top 50 -- or, if you prefer, a top 500 -- of the Web's most popular sites.


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